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Why am I Running?

 Sarah Carnes for HD 47

During the recent Oklahoma Teacher Walk-for Education, I would come home each day from the State Capitol and share what happened with family and friends on Facebook.  I would report on the events of the day and discuss how my friends could help. Many friends sent messages, asking for my guidance on what exactly they should do, such as how to find their legislator contact information, what to say when they spoke or wrote their representative.  It was during this time that many of my friends encouraged me to run for office. Coming together each day with other struggling teachers, united us in our need to influence the stagnant legislative process. I was inspired to serve my district, ensuring our concerns were being represented.  

Near the end of the first week of the Teacher Walk-for-Education, my friend, Steven Vincent posted a request if there was anyone interested in running for House District 47.  I read all the comments, then replied, “Call me.”  On Sunday, we talked extensively.  After I got off the phone, I talked to my husband, our daughter’s, my sister Elizabeth, and my best friend Michelle Barnes, to ensure they were in support of me running for office.  Monday, Steven and I met at the State Capitol, where he and I talked more.  Our meeting solidified my decision to run.

I'm inspired by Oklahoma students, parents, and teachers!


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