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Focused on Families

Families are our future in Oklahoma.  Family is one of my core values, whether it's a family of related individuals or a family of nurturing friends.  We must focus as a legislature to advocate for all members of every family.

Restoring funding to core services, financial opportunities that support family needs (e.g., Earned Income Tax Credit).  We must revisit and evaluate criminal justice reform, reducing the state incarceration rate, protecting all students that attend schools, and making sure they have a caring, safe, and supportive environment.


For Oklahoma to have a strong economy, we have to have a healthy population.  Access to fully stocked grocery stores, affordable medical and mental health care, health and wellness educational information, and nearby safe places for outdoor physical activities are essential for families.  


Quality of life in Oklahoma means doing whatever it takes to support a constructive home environment.  Having access to support groups when an infant comes home, developmentally appropriate early childhood education, advocating and advertising about the Project Child Find program, supporting parents of children with disabilities from birth through adulthood are essential.  I will advocate for affordable childcare, educating children, supporting programs that help educate parents on parenting skills, increasing graduation rates, mandatory GED classes for all that are incarcerated. 

I believe in lifelong learning.  From the beginning of the education pipeline, mentoring programs are key for high school students, teachers with less than three years of teaching experience, and those with emergency certificates.  Offering re-skill training opportunities for our workforce through schools sites and career techs.  Support the ‘Strengthening America Communities Act of 2018’ as a state.  We can do more to improve the quality of life of every Oklahoma family.

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