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The biggest issue facing the Oklahoma Legislature in its next session is funding.  Our legislature, the party in power that has control of both houses, and the Governor's office have repeatedly failed us for over 8 years.  With consistent budget shortfalls in the billions of dollars, their inability to raise much needed revenue has cost our State and the people I love, dearly.  Giveaways to big corporations and millionaires at the expense of struggling people is something I will fight to turn around on behalf of every working Oklahoman.

The current method of funding Oklahoma education is inadequate.  As an Oklahoma educator, I’ve see firsthand that current funding levels are not adequately supporting educational needs.  School districts, infrastructure, students, staff, and teachers have all paid the steep price for legislative inaction, and worse, the reduction of historical formula funding.  Tax reduction giveaways to corporations that have been in effect for years has led to billions of dollars of reduced funding for our schools.  Teachers are leaving Oklahoma for better wages in surrounding states where education is being treated as a priority.  This education profession “brain drain” is a risk to our economic future that must be mitigated now.

If elected, my first priority will be seeking out ways to restore funding to the people and programs that have suffered most under the poor fiscal decisions made by those who’ve governed over the last 8 years.  I want to restore funding to core services, including repairing our crumbling infrastructure, supporting social and mental health providers, and championing education.  Candidates for the House District 47 Representative office who are focused on anything but the budget and funding are a promise of more of the same attitudes and actions, which is exactly what got us into this mess in the first place!

I need your vote to Focus on Our Future.  Your vote is precious and should not be given lightly.  If elected, you will get an honest, passionate, and dedicated advocate in me.  I am a lifelong native Oklahoman and Cherokee.  I am focused on the future of every constituent of House District 47.  Oklahoma is my home. 

I have seen firsthand the damage that has been done to our State and it's national reputation by politicians who are more concerned with their own success than the success of the students I teach on a daily basis.  I am focused on you, your family, and rebuilding our future.

Candidates for who are focused on anything other than addressing these critical issues will only promise more of the same attitudes and actions.  We can’t afford the status quo.  Selecting my name at the ballot box is a vote for a proven leader.  I have the management, collaboration, and problem solving experience of a veteran teacher.  My vision will solve these and many other tough problems.

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2018 General Election State Questions

For official ballot information, always consult the Oklahoma State Election BoardFive State Questions have currently been approved to appear on the General Election Ballot.


Education is under legislative attack.  Education is the foundation of our economic future.  Funding education is a significant priority that can no longer be ignored.  

Economic Growth

I will grow Oklahoma’s economy.   The one way we can to that is investing in our future, our children, our young constituents.   If we invest in them now, the will be an educated, creative, re-skilled 21st Century workforce.

Supporting Our Community

For far too long, lack-luster elected state representatives have cut funding, undermining the delivery of core state services.  Without these core services, our quality of life suffers.  As your HD 47 representative, I am Focused on Our Future.  My primary goal is to restoring fiscal support for core state services that support our community.


Supporting the U.S. Armed Forces

I support the United States Armed Forces and advocate for Oklahoma veterans.  Programs that promote civilian transition, including training that builds on military knowledge and experience, physical and mental health services, and homelessness prevention are essential.

Focused on State Agencies and Core Services

Oklahoma is fortunate to have a public service workforce that's dedicated to our citizens. 

As the election approaches, I'll be highlighting many agencies and their programs to share their mission and recognize how their services impact our daily lives.  It's very easy for us to overlook how our Oklahoma Administrative Branch of government impacts our quality of life. 

I encourage you to thank a state worker whenever you get the chance!

Health and Wellness

Oklahomans are facing many health and wellness issues.  It's time to be proactive, not reactive.

Focused on Our Future

Why vote for Sarah?  I was raised with Oklahoma values and believe that the primary responsibility of an elected official is to represent "we the people," not special interests and corporations.

Focused on Families

Families are our future in Oklahoma.  Family is one of my core values, whether it's a family of related individuals or a family of nurturing friends.  We must focus as a legislature to advocate for all members of every family.

Advocacy and Special Interests Groups

What is an advocacy group and what can be done to hold them accountable in House District 47 and throughout Oklahoma?

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